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Financially Speaking

Financially Speaking is our comprehensive quarterly publication focused on general financial concerns including the global economy, personal financial considerations and tax issues.

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 Summer 2017

  • Economic outlook
  • What will Amazon's entry into Australia mean for Australian property?
  • Self-employed? Done leave your business at risk
  • Turing threats into opportunities
  • Financial matters for the over 60s
  • Fitness for the 21st century

 March 2017

  • 2017 Market Outlook
  • Are you prepared for the new superannuation changes?
  • Resisting Temptation
  • Raising financially savvy kids
  • Easing the journey into aged care

    September 2016

  • Beyond Brexit
  • Timing retirement
  • Five big questions for AREIT investors
  • Why having a proper estate plan is so important
  • Changes to the age pension rules - are you ready?
  • How to avoid behavioural investment traps

    June 2016

  • Counting the cost of a curve ball
  • Property and diversified portfolio
  • SMSF borrowing gets the amber light
  • Making sense of the fixed income landscape
  • Time to reconsider emerging markets
  • Getting financially prepared to start a family

    April 2016

  • The global outlook for investing and the implications for us
  • A Star Wars approach to investing in volatile markets
  • Some aged care figures for consideration
  • The tax advantages of salary sacrificing a bonus into superannuation
  • A comparison of commercial property versus residential property
  • The benefits of having an estate plan

    September 2015

  • Why China's property market matters
  • Trauma fills the gaps
  • Insurance through super – with choice comes complexity
  • Control your retirement income
  • Are your estate affairs in order
  • Four tips on what to do with a windfall

    March 2015

  • The economic effect of a  plummeting oil price and quantitative easing
  • Could global technology affect our blue chip stocks
  • Aged care reforms
  • Life insurance through the stages of life
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)
  • Demystifying Long-Short funds

    November 2014

  • All I want for Christmas is to survive it debt free
  • Australians need a little help to battle the bulge
  • Back to basics - the foundations of risk and return
  • Neglect SMSF liquidity
  • Living long - living well?
  • 5 super traps pre-retirees should avoid
  • Economic update

    October 2014

  • Women & Money, getting into good financial habits
  • Why does cash matter
  • Health insurance, to cover or not to cover
  • The role of bonds and shares in retirement
  • A global investment outlook
  • June 2014

  • The power of compounding
  • Protect yourself against survival
  • Making the most of your retirement income
  • Economic outlook
  • Be prepared - understanding the aged care reforms
  • Countdown to the end of the financial year
  • The benefits of a low and high Australia dollar
  • March 2014

  • Economic update: what to watch in 2014
  • Creating new habits for 2014: how to have it all
  • Google: the $1 trillion question
  • Preparing for the unexpected with trauma insurance
  • Dealing with credit card crunch

  • January 2014
  • Growth delicately poised
  • The importance of trauma cover
  • What contributions can you make to your superannuation
  • A super solution for blended families
  • Time to reflect

  • September 2013
    • Spring clean your finances
    • Aged Care fees - what are they and how will I pay?
    • Child Cover - the missing piece in many risk portfolios
    • Debunking hedge fund myths
    • Want to boost your super contributions?  See the do's and don'ts
    • Why Disability Care is no replacement for Life Insurance
    • Economic Update - China slowdown looms

    July 2013
    • Equity markets offer both opportunities and risk
    • SMSF's and Insurance - change is on the way
    • What does a lower interest rate mean for your Super?
    • Investment and trading strategies
    • The psychology of retirement
    • Happy New Financial Year
    May 2013
    • Has the Australian share market started a bull run?
    • Is your life insurance healthy?
    • Investing in a Self Managed Super Fund
    • Death benefit nominations in superannuation
    • Aged care tips and traps
    • Tips in preparing a will
    • How to save money
    February 2013
    • Headwinds to the Australian Economy – this is based on November information and so some of the figures are out of date
    • What to do when you have paid off your mortgage
    • Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) and property
    • How to protect your lifestyle with insurance
    • Holding periods for shares – long term investing has been replaced with short term trading
    • Super contribution limits
    • Future planning
    • Money tips for the year ahead

    September 2012
    • Alternative investments in particular Hedge Funds
    • How investors can become overconfident about making investment decisions
    • Why investors are setting up their own Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)
    • Self Managed Superannuation death benefits
    • Options to generate good income in a low interest rate environment
    • The effect of a strong $AUD on the economy and investing
    • Investment Fraud and how to avoid it

    June 2012
    • How investors Anchor themselves to numbers
    • An explanation of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
    • An analysis of the pros, cons and responsibilities of having a Self Managed Super Fund
    • An explanation of the different life insurances available and their purpose
    • Overseas pensions
    March 2012
    • How Australia has avoided a recession for the last 20 years
    • The logic of investing
    • The benefits of tax deferred income from property
    • The bias towards shares versus bonds in superannuation
    • Investors switching out of shares into cash may be doing harm to their long term returns
    • Why people should review their life insurance
    December 2011
    • Don't get caught short in retirement
    • The tax effectiveness of dividend streams
    • Aged care – the value of advice
    • Why consider crisis insurance?
    • BHP is a mango – when is the right time to buy?
    • How does all this volatility impact my super/investments?
    September 2011
    • Seven things for investors to consider for the 21st century
    • Living longer: how to make your retirement savings last the distance
    • Don't let the banks run your business
    • Is self managed super right for me?
    • Testamentary trusts – take control and gain peace of mind
    • Just ask Geoff – a claimant's story

     June 2011

    • Is it time to get back in?
    • The growing importance of aged care
    • Sizing up your super
    • Life insurance know hows
    • Never too young to start investing

    Older versions of Financially Speaking can be found in the Newsletter Archives.

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